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UX service design

UX & Service Design

We define great design as the key factor in developing new customer experiences or improving existing ones.

True value is added if every touch point within customer’s interaction satisfies the customer’s needs.

Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches, we deep dive into latent human needs and frame them into opportunities. In close collaboration, we turn them into concepts, test them and improve them based on real customer feedback.

Together we conclude on valuable interactions and a solid experience that grasp customer’s expectations and organizational intentions.

Some deliverables of UX & Service Design.

Stakeholder map
Data analysis
Insight statements
Customer journey map
Business model canvas
Co-creation workshops
Concept ideation
Service scenarios
Service blueprint
Testing & Implementation

Brand and Marketing Strategy

We believe that branding goes way beyond just a business logo or color scheme. A brand is all that’s not your product. It’s the unique match between what you believe in, who you are and who your audience wants you to be.

Starting from strategic rules and guidelines on how, what, where, when and to whom you express your brand, we create the fundament for consistent and coherent brand experiences.

Translating that to products, services and marketing efforts, we create a system for your brand to significantly enhance market positioning and profitability.

Some deliverables of Brand Strategy.

Brand Personality
Competitor analysis
Market research
Market position
Value proposition canvas
Minimum viable brand
Brand guidelines
Marketing Campaign
Content strategy
Omni-channel strategy
Brand strategy
innovation management

Innovation Management

We consider innovation as the power to ignite and accelerate change.

Change requires an unique blend of creativity, critical thinking and clear methodologies in order to be powerful.

Working side by side, we can make it work. You have the knowledge of your organization, market and products. We know all about future proof service design, branding and marketing within today’s digital landscape.

Adding that up, we co-create possibilities for your internal and external organization to take disruptive stept and improve performance.

Some deliverables of Innovation Management.

Process design
Wheel of reasoning
Trend analysis
Project management
Mind map
Rapid prototype

How we work

Within UX & Service Design, Brand Strategy and Innovation Management we use our own, proven process and Triple Diamond model based on a start-up mentality, design thinking, agile and lean methodologies.

Besides, we strongly believe in the power of co-creation.

Together with you, your team and your organization we will work in a fast, structured way towards the optimal solution.

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